Question: Which beach vibe do you prefer?
Answer: Relaxing
Answer: Action Packed
Question: Which is more important?
Answer: Nature
Answer: Privacy
Question: What's your nature activity?
Answer: Birdwatching
Answer: Shelling
Question: What are you looking for?
Answer: Hidden gems
Answer: Sunset dining
Question: Where would you rather be?
Answer: Cool things nearby
Answer: Away from it all
Question: Which type of restaurant would you rather go to?
Answer: Casual Dining
Answer: Formal Dining
Question: Where will you spend most of your time?
Answer: Land
Answer: Water
Question: What's your go-to activity?
Answer: Shopping
Answer: Sports
Question: What sounds more fun?
Answer: Horse surfing
Answer: Snorkeling
Result: Greer Island

You're a bird watching maven that knows the importance of enjoying everything nature has to offer. That's why Greer Island is the beach for you! Also known as Beer Can Island to the locals, Greer Island is located on the northern tip of Longboat Key. Lined with rows of trees jutting out from the beach, it's also one of the best places for bird watching. So bring the binoculars, you're going to need them.

Result: Coquina Beach

You like to relax. You love nature. And you appreciate the finer shells in life. That's why Coquina Beach is the beach for you! Located just south of Longboat Key, Coquina Beach is known for relaxing vibes and excellent shelling. But it's also home to fragments of abandoned piers, which attracts a variety of birds and sea life. So kick back, relax and have a shell of a time on Coquina Beach!

Result: Bean Point

You like to relax. You value your privacy. But you also want to be in walking distance to the action. That's why Bean Point is the beach for you! Tucked away on the very northern tip of Anna Maria Island, Bean Point is one of the most secluded beach spots you'll find anywhere. It offers breathtaking views, quiet shores and unrivaled relaxation. The best part is that it's just walking distance from the shops and restaurants on Pine Avenue and the Anna Maria City Pier. Enjoy the best of private relaxation and fun island action from Bean Point.

Bean Point has been featured by Expedia as one of the most beautiful secluded beaches in the U.S. The beach was selected for being a preserved, sugary beach with clear waters, ideal for the traveler that appreciates quiet, relaxing and beautiful beach vacations.

Result: Whitney Beach

You like your beaches to be the ultimate relaxation spot. Something that's tucked away from it all and has all the privacy you need. That's why Whitney Beach is the beach for you! Located on Longboat Key, this beach is one of the most secluded you'll find in the entire Bradenton Area. Not only is the beach extra quiet, it's away from a lot of the hustle and bustle of the island's happenings. So bring plenty of sunscreen and snacks and enjoy playing castaway on Whitney Beach!

Result: Anna Maria Beach

You like to relax, but you also know how to have fun. You appreciate a low-key local restaurant. And you can shop 'til you drop. That's why Anna Maria Beach is the beach for you! Located on the northern edge of Anna Maria Island, this beach is one of the most versatile beaches in Bradenton Area. From the nearby local shops on Pine Avenue to the casual restaurants on the beach, this beach has a little bit of everything. It just needs you!

Result: Holmes Beach

You like to relax. You enjoy the popular things in life. And you’ve got good taste – literally. That's why Holmes Beach is the beach for you! One of the longest beaches in the Bradenton Area, Holmes Beach stretches along the coastal shore in the middle of Anna Maria Island. While it has its fair share of soothing spots on the beach, it's also home to some of the most fun places in the Bradenton Area. From formal Oceanside dining at the Beach Bistro Restaurant to souvenir shopping at Sand Dollar Gift Shop, there's plenty to do between relaxation sessions on Holmes Beach.

Result: Bradenton Beach

You like excitement. You're always down for an adventure. And you've got an explorer's mindset. That's why Bradenton Beach is the beach for you! Located just west of Cortez on Anna Maria Island, Bradenton Beach is a mix of excitement and relaxation. After enjoying the chill beach vibes of the shore, enjoy some of the best dining and shopping in the Bradenton Area. Shop 'til you drop at the unique island shops on Bridge Street. Then enjoy some right-off-the-beach dining right next door.

Result: Manatee Public Beach

You know the beach is about having fun. You like having your feet in the sand. And you've got a bit of a competitive streak. That's why Manatee Public Beach is the beach for you! Located on Holmes Beach, this is the classic Florida beach experience. Enjoy a game of sand volleyball followed by lunch on a picnic table on the beach. You'll also have plenty of changing cabanas and public restrooms to make yourself comfortable – not to mention live music and a beach café for entertainment. This isn't the beach for getting away from it all; it's the beach for diving right into the fun.

Result: Palma Sola Bay

You'll try anything once. You know vacation is about having fun. And you know that being on the water is the best place to be. That's why Palma Sola Causeway is the beach for you! Located between Anna Maria Island and Bradenton, this beach is always an adventure. From sunup to sundown, the beach is bustling with fun activities like horse surfing, flyboarding, kayaking and more. Have a dog? Bring them, too. Palma Sola Bay is the pet-friendliest beach in Bradenton Area.