All in all, the Grand Slam (a.k.a. West Coast Slam) is pretty simple. All you have to do is catch three different types of fish in the same day. It can’t be just any fish, though. That wouldn’t be all that grand. You have to catch one of each of the following: redfish, snook and tarpon. It’s been done a few times recently. But that doesn’t make it any less of a fishing accomplishment.

How can you do it? Well, that’s easier said than done. Each of the three can be found in different parts of the Bradenton Area, meaning you’ll need some different strategies to reel them all in. For instance, redfish like to cruise around the winding waters of the mangroves. Snook like to hide out under docks and bridges. And tarpon can be found anywhere from right off the coast to miles away from the shore. (Just keep in mind that they have a knack for jumping off your hook. Literally.)

If you’re lucky enough to snag the elusive Grand Slam, your next challenge lies inshore. Local fishermen have added their own twist to the Grand Slam to create the Inshore Grand Slam. It’s just like the Grand Slam but, instead of a tarpon being your third catch, you have to reel in a trout. All three fish have to be caught inshore and on the same day. Once you win both Grand Slams, you can call yourself a true Bradenton Area fishing legend.

So, go fishing. Rent a kayak and fish the waters of the mangroves. Post up on one of the piers and cast a line. And then take a charter to try for your biggest catch of the three. Sure, it won’t be easy. But it’ll be a whole lot of fun.

Learn more about the Grand Slam and all of the fish native to the area at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. And for more about fishing in the Bradenton Area in general, click here.