Getting Started

It all starts at BeachHorses, a local Bradenton Area business that specializes in horse surfing tours (they even coined the expression). Once you’re there, they help you pick out a horse that matches your riding experience and even your personality. Then, it’s off to the races – and by races we mean a slow walk. It’s a good way for you and your horse to get to know each other before heading out into the water. Just be ready to hold on tight – there’s no saddle in horse surfing.

Surf’s Up

Once you’ve got a good feel for your horse and your guide thinks you’re ready, it’s time to hang ten. Slowly but surely, you cut through the calm waves under the massive strength of the horse. Soon enough, the water will be as deep as your chest. That’s when you know it’s time to do some real horse surfing. All you do is hop up and stand on the horse’s back. Easy enough, right? You’ll see. Whether you can only stand up for two seconds or two minutes, part of the fun is falling and splashing into the water. All the while, the guide is there to make sure everything is safe and fun.

Everyone’s Favorite

If you’re worried whether the horses like horse surfing as well, don’t. They love it! Getting out in the water is one of the most therapeutic activities for horses and the human interaction from horse surfing is even more important. All in all, horse surfing is wonderful for you and the horses. And it’s a favorite activity in the Bradenton Area. Just check out the reviews on Trip Advisor.

Learn More

Horse surfing. It’s totally fun and totally Bradenton. Learn more about it and BeachHorses right here. Then go out and hit the surf on horseback yourself. Giddyup.