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TBGB couple

When did you visit the Bradenton Area for the first time? What do you remember most about that trip?
The first time I visited the Bradenton Area was back in the 1970s with my parents. I was only about five years old, but what I remember most was the fishing piers and the pelicans flying around. They’d land on the docks looking for some “treats” from the fishermen. I also remember having a family picnic in the shade, just off the beach on Anna Maria Island.


What makes the Bradenton Area a place deserving of more than one visit?
If you are looking for relaxation, tranquility, wildlife interaction, island recreational activities and outstanding restaurants with unique dining settings, you can’t help but want to return for more! Personally, if I could, I would relocate permanently. Maybe in retirement!


You may have a few, but can you tell us one of your favorite memories from the Bradenton Area?
I do have a few that would qualify as favorites, but I would have to say that being able to enjoy the island with my husband and two boys is on the top of my list. The #ThrowBackGoBack trip allowed us to experience and appreciate the simplicity, hospitality and true beauty of what the area has to offer travelers. Witnessing my family enjoying a place that I absolutely adore is such a priceless experience.


How has the Bradenton Area stayed the same over the years?
It would definitely be the positive and friendly demeanor of the people living in the Bradenton Area. Everyone makes it a point to say good morning and comments about what a beautiful day it’s going to be. I also would be remiss if I didn’t mention the beautiful marine and wildlife that remain in this location. I love observing and photographing them all!


What were some of the highlights of your #ThrowbackGoBack trip?
There were many, but my favorites were the Segway tour, the dolphin tour with Captain Sherman, the tiki hut couples massage, and dining overlooking Bradenton Beach after witnessing the glorious sunset at the Bridge Street Bistro!


What are your travel tips for first-time visitors?
The piers are a must see! Whether you enjoy watching wildlife along the pier, witnessing experienced or novice fisherman reeling in their prize catches, or grabbing a bite to eat in a restaurant surrounded on all sides by beautiful Florida waters, there are great family activities with plenty of opportunities to capture memorable photos.


Any words of wisdom as a seasoned Bradenton Area visitor?
1. Don’t make your trip too short that you have to rush.

2. Plan on a bucket list for next time, as you will be back.

3. Don’t miss the sunsets! Schedule those in for sure.

4. You won’t want to leave. Trust me on that one.


In one sentence, can you describe the Bradenton Area to someone who’s never been there?
My description of the Bradenton Area is just two words: paradise found.


Anything else you’d like to add?
Whether you are vacationing as a family, as a couple or with friends, the area has something for everyone. The island is that little touch of paradise that you are looking for, or are in desperate need of, to relax, unwind and bond with one another.