Anna Maria City Pier

Welcome to the Bradenton Area’s oldest and arguably most famous pier: Anna Maria City Pier. Located on the end of Pine Avenue, this pier’s history dates back to 1910, making it nearly as old as the city of Anna Maria itself. Once you set foot on the pier you’ll notice names carved into every board. Those are names of other Bradenton Area lovers that have enjoyed the pier through the years. Fish from the pier or walk the 700 ft. to The City Pier Restaurant for some grub. Just be sure to keep your eyes peeled; it’s a popular place to spot dolphins and manatees in the bay.

Rod & Reel Pier

Hungry? Good. Rod & Reel Pier is home to Rod & Reel Restaurant, one of the Bradenton Area’s most authentic beachy dining spots. First of all, it’s not called Rod & Reel Pier for nothing. It’s one of the best fishing spots on Anna Maria Island, so be sure to bring a pole with you. After some fishing, walk to the end of the pier to enjoy a fresh grouper sandwich at Rod & Reel Restaurant while egrets and pelicans perch from nearby posts – authentic Florida at its finest.

Historic Bridge Street Pier

If you’re a longtime Bradenton Area visitor, you know all about the Historic Bridge Street Pier. Once a wooden road bridge that connected Bradenton to Anna Maria Island, it’s now a pier that hasn’t seen car tires in quite some time. Enjoy the shops, cafes and bars on Bridge Street. Then walk along the pier under the shade of palm trees and coos of nearby birds. Bring a camera to take plenty of pictures in front of the pier’s iconic clock tower. It’s one of the most picturesque piers in the Bradenton Area, and it’s a place every visitor should see at least once.

Regatta Pointe Marina

Located on the edge of Manatee River in Palmetto, the Regatta Pointe Marina is more than a pier; it’s a boater’s paradise. Walk the boardwalk stretching into the water to see boats resting port to starboard. And there’s more to it than boat watching. Marina may be a little less beachy than most piers, but it has just as much charm. Enjoy exquisite dining right on the water at restaurants like Riverhouse Reef & Grill. With such good food and great views, you’re going to want to be here a while.