Rowing in the Bradenton Area

Competitive Rowing and Training Opportunities

With our fabulous weather and variety of venues, rowing is a year-round activity in the Bradenton area. Even at the height of our winter, the weather is mild enough for rowers to head out for a great workout on the water.

Three venues within 30 minutes’ drive of each other provide variety for rowers of all abilities. Row along the meandering Manatee River, and discover new views around every curve. A 400-acre lake provides marked lanes with no currents or powerboat traffic. And on the protected waters of the Intracoastal Waterway, there are no limits to how far you can row.

Rowers frequently share the water with dolphins and manatees. Hear a splash? It’s probably a mullet, a fish that leaps from the water for unknown reasons.

The Bradenton area has become a popular winter training ground for collegiate teams from up North. The rowing infrastructure, paired with the great weather, makes the area attractive to coaches looking to get a jump on the competition.  And with the new Benderson Rowing Park and Fort Hamer Park on the Manatee River, the facilities for training and competition are world class.

Three rowing clubs serve local rowers. Contact one – it may be possible to rent a shell or arrange an outing with a local rower who can acquaint you with local waters.

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