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The Donut Experiment on Anna Maria Island is the ultimate donut lover’s dream, and the little ones will love it too! This shop specializes in fresh cake donuts that are made to order, with mouthwatering choices of icings and toppings. These aren’t just your average donuts, we are talking combinations like Maple Bacon, Sriracha, Key Lime, Sea Salt and Caramel, Fruity Pebbles, the possibilities are endless (and oh so yummy)!

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Best of all, you can watch your donut from batter to last bite. And we are taking you along for ride!

Step 1: Your donut begins with homemade batter.  Watch your donut as it jumps into a toasty bath and floats along before being pulled out looking perfectly bronzed! The donuts are a vanilla cake like donut, a little bit denser than your average donut. And as you can see, they are small and perfect for trying a few different combinations!

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Step 2: Your warm donut is then dipped into one of several delicious icings.  Your choices include: Chocolate, Caramel, Maple, Vanilla, Strawberry, Glaze, or you can go the traditional powdered sugar option and forego the icing.

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Step 3: Toppings galore! Let your taste buds run wild with options like: Rainbow Sprinkles, Chocolate Sprinkles, Peanuts, Coconut, Graham Cracker, Oreo Cookies, Bacon, Fruity Pebbles, Reese’s Pieces, M&Ms, Chocolate Chips, Raspberry Drizzle, Peanut Butter Drizzle, Sea Salt, Cinnamon Sugar and Powdered Sugar.

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Step 4: The moment you have been waiting for: time to bite into your customized creation! Pair with their hot or iced coffee for the perfect treat. The coffee beans come from a local roaster and each month they offer a special flavored blend in addition to their regular coffee.

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Pro Tip: Grab your box of donuts & enjoy them at one of these three spots: Outside on their charming deck area, take a stroll down to the original 1911 Anna Maria City Pier and eat on the benches overlooking the Gulf, or head to the beach for the ultimate treat in the sand!

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No matter where you end up eating your yummy donuts, we know they’ll leave you dreaming about your next experience at The Donut Experiment. Luckily, their shop is open seven days a week, from 7am – 1 pm, giving even the earliest risers and late sleepers a chance to enjoy this sweet, local hotspot!