6 Ways the Riverwalk Can Keep the Romance Flowing

When you think of romance, there’s no doubt that Valentine’s Day immediately comes to mind. But surely, you’re not the type who wants to limit your love to just one day? Of course not. Thankfully, the Bradenton Riverwalk, downtown’s heart-stirring showpiece, offers 1.5 miles of sweet moments and affection-filled experiences that will ensure Cupid keeps his quiver of arrows stocked and ready to strike—all year round.

6 Ways the Riverwalk Can Keep the Romance Flowing

Find all the right ingredients

There is no more perfect way to start your Saturday morning than at the downtown Farmers Market. Walk hand-in-hand with your loved one and feel the warm embrace of the sun as you slowly scan your surroundings, allowing the vibrant colors and fresh aromas of sweet fruits and organic, local fare to draw you in for a closer look. Browse the 35 vendors offering fresh produce, seafood, and prepared foods, as well as the work of local artists and craftspeople. You’ll find everything you need to take back to where you’re staying and whip up a romantic dinner for two or a picnic lunch.

6 Ways the Riverwalk Can Keep the Romance Flowing

Learn the art of an open heart

The Riverwalk’s latest abstract art addition, and 61st piece of public art in Bradenton, offers you the perfect opportunity to reflect on matters of the heart, thanks to award-winning actress and artist Jane Seymour. The seven-foot sculpture features two hearts connected and open at either end and ties in with Seymour’s “Open Hearts” philosophy, which was inspired by her mother, who taught her to give and receive love unconditionally. Visit the sculpture with your significant other and pledge to live your lives without boundaries and with your hearts open. And before you leave, dial up the cuteness to 11 with an Instagram-worthy pic of you two inside the hearts.

Have a rendez-vous with a view

Covered in soft, lush grass, the Riverwalk’s Great Lawn is an ideal setting for a memorable picnic. Lay a cozy blanket, unpack some of the cheese and charcuterie you picked up at the Farmers Market, and savor the moment with your sweetheart as you take in this quiet, can’t-miss romantic setting complete with river-gazing views that are sure to compete for your eye’s attention.  

6 Ways the Riverwalk Can Keep the Romance Flowing

Score points with (or against) each other

There’s nothing like a healthy dose of competition to create an amusing and enjoyable afternoon with a loved one. Put on your game face and a few dabs of sun screen then hit up the volleyball courts located along the Riverwalk for some fun in the sun. Bring your friends, find a pickup game, or sign up for a tournament—either way, you’ll release endorphins, let rivalry ignite the spark in your relationships, and serve up a feel-good way to spend time together.

6 Ways the Riverwalk Can Keep the Romance Flowing

Get back in the swing of things

If you’re looking for a way to inject some exuberance into your relationship, try bringing out your inner child by enjoying the sunset on one of the many swing sets along the Riverwalk. Grasp your partner’s hand as you suspend yourself in the moment and catch a dazzling Bradenton sunset. Feel your hearts soar as you gently swing back and forth and let your mind’s drift back to playful times as gravity does its job of pushing you back to one another’s side.

Let love take center stage

Top off your love tank as you watch creativity flourish in the expressions and performances of the artists in the community’s premier theater, the Manatee Performing Arts Center. A beautifully modern and comfortable theater set along the Riverwalk, you and your beloved can choose from a variety of exceptional productions that are sure to entertain and amaze.