Powel Crosley Estate
Crosley Couples Then and Now

Kim & Donald

Kim and Donald were married at the Crosley Estate on March 4th, 2017. Donald was born and raised in the Sarasota area, but some of Kim’s guests got to experience the area for the first time. “[The Crosley was] the perfect location for family nearby, and a fun destination for out-of-town guests, Kim said.  “So many of our friends and family said how it was the most beautiful wedding venue they’ve ever been to!” Since then, the couple has bought their first home in Downtown Orlando, done plenty of traveling and recently welcomed their first child, Kensington aka “Kensie”. “We look forward to visiting The Powel Crosley Estate again soon for an upcoming anniversary,” Kim says. “Thank you for the sweet memories!”

Crosley Couples Then and Now

Joe & Sarah

Joe and Sarah were married at the estate in January 2017. “We had such an amazing wedding day. Our friends and family still talk about what a great time they had!” Sarah remembers. 2017 was a busy year for the couple. After getting married in January, they moved to their new house in June and welcomed a baby boy in September. “Life has definitely been a wild ride since,” Sarah says. “But we’re loving every minute of it!”

Crosley Couples Then and Now

Enrique & Claire

Enrique and Claire had their wedding at the Crosley in April of 2018. “After our wedding we spent time traveling the world to Mexico, Greece, Turkey, and our hometowns in Peru and Alaska!” Claire says. After having to put their jet setting aside in 2020, they found themselves working from home and decided to start their next adventure. “We found ourselves working from home like everyone else, and with that decided to become proud parents to two French Bulldogs, Bruce and Allie. Now we spend time walking the dogs and socializing them with the neighborhood kids, one of which is pictured in this recent holiday photo!

Crosley Couples Then and Now

Stephanie & Will

Stephanie and Will were married at the Powel Crosley Estate on January 2, 2016. And the last five years for the couple have been a whirlwind! “It’s hard to believe 5 years have flown by!” Stephanie told us. “We still look back and cherish every moment of our wedding at the Crosley.” Since then, Will and Stephanie have welcomed a healthy baby girl named Susannah and they are loving every minute of their married life!