Notable Nonprofits

There are dozens of notable nonprofits that call the Bradenton Area home, many of which benefit the community in a variety of ways. From assisting local wildlife to maintaining our pristine ecosystems, groups of dedicated people pursue a collective goal of making the Bradenton Area better for everyone.

Notable Nonprofits

Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch (AMITW)

For over 35 years, AMITW has focused its conservation efforts along the shorelines of Anna Maria Island. In conjunction with county, state, and federal efforts, AMITW works toward the safeguarding of sea turtles—particularly loggerheads. What makes the Bradenton Area special is that it is host to one of the highest densities of loggerhead sea turtle nests along the Gulf of Mexico. Residents and guests of Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key can spot their nests along beaches during nesting season, which occurs from March to October. Lucky visitors might even catch a glimpse of these tiny turtle hatchlings as they trek toward the gentle waves of the Gulf, guided by the dedicated volunteers of AMITW.

Notable Nonprofits

The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature

As the largest natural and cultural history museum on Florida’s Gulf Coast, “The Bishop” is home to artifacts and exhibits, one of the most advanced planetariums in the world, and The Parker Manatee Rehabilitation Habitat. Countless locals and visitors pass through the galleries and exhibitions in awe at the history and natural beauty found only in the Bradenton Area. Always a favorite is the manatee rehabilitation habitat, which is part of Florida’s Manatee Rescue and Rehabilitation Partnership. It has aided 38 (and counting!) rehab manatees since 1998, serving as a “second stage” facility that helps these gentle giants make their way back the wild.

Notable Nonprofits

Keep Manatee Beautiful

Established in 1991, Keep Manatee Beautiful is dedicated to promoting awareness and involvement in litter prevention, recycling, and beautification throughout the Bradenton Area. With over 10,000 volunteers, this popular organization coordinates cleanups and other outdoor beautification projects in Manatee County. When walking the beach or hiking a local preserve, you may spot a friendly volunteer making sure these public places are pristine for people and wildlife to enjoy.

Notable Nonprofits

Wildlife, Inc.

Wildlife, Inc. is a volunteer-run, wildlife rehabilitation and education center is the largest in the Bradenton Area, assisting over 4,000 injured or orphaned animals each year. In addition to helping wildlife of all kinds, the sanctuary, found at Mixon Fruit Farms, serves as an education center where visitors and locals can learn more about these special animals. Most of these creatures come and go as they are treated, with most released back into the wild, and some finding permanent rescue homes. Daily tours allow for everyone meet these remarkable creatures up close, and to learn more about the conservation of these animals.

More To Explore

There are countless nonprofits that make a positive impact on the Bradenton Area environment and community. If you’re feeling inspired on your next visit, reach out or visit these organizations, or contact the Manatee Community Foundation to connect with a group that shares your passion.