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Planning a wedding in the matter of weeks – is it even possible? While a short planning period may not seem ideal, at the Powel Crosley Estate weddings of all kinds can be planned in a time crunch with the right planner. And, of course, the right couple. Still not sure if you’d be able to pull it off? Here’s some inspiration below from weddings that were planned in six weeks or less.

Stephanie & Ford

When Stephanie contacted wedding planner Erin Payne of Milan Catering & Event Design, she knew her five-week timeline leading up to her wedding was going to be a challenge. Erin brought the experience of a professional wedding planner and Stephanie brought the vision, so they tackled the planning head-on.

The key to planning a wedding this quickly is all about finalizing decisions quickly. “When I get these kinds of phone calls, I’m very honest with the couple that we can do this, but I need decisions! I think the most important thing I can do is be transparent with the couple, so from the beginning I lay out all the dates/deadlines that we’ll need to make decisions,” says Erin.

Fortunately, Stephanie and Ford knew exactly what they wanted, and Erin was able to help them make it happen. “She had a specific vision and we just took that and ran with it, which is why we were able to pull everything together so quickly,” Erin explains. “I think all Stephanie ever changed her mind on was the napkin color.”

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Planning Your Wedding on a Time Crunch

Caroline & Chris

In yet another five-week planning period, Caroline and Chris were able to pull off a stunning wedding with the help of their caterer, Puff & Stuff Catering and their planner, Swanky Soiree.  

Caroline and Chris were able to book their wedding at the Crosley when their planner, Christina Harris, saw that their date was available last minute on the Crosley’s Instagram story. “It was very stressful for the couple,” Christina explains. “Thankfully this couple hired us from the word go. This made the transition process much easier for our couple as we knew exactly who to call and what to do next.”

Lauren Balden, Director of Catering for Puff & Stuff explains how Caroline and Chris’s quick decision making with the menu lead to their stunning (and delicious) wedding. “The beauty of doing the tasting with only a month to plan, is that the tasting became a true working/decision making process,” Lauren explains. “We were able to nail down the menu, the bar options, timelines and any extra details that typically take months to uncover.”

Lauren also points out the importance of hiring a wedding planner and being ready to make quick decisions in the success of Caroline and Chris’s wedding. “Planning a wedding short term takes all the second guessing off the table.  Make a decision and go with it!  I can’t stress how important having a planner in this situation is a must have!”

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Planning Your Wedding on a Time Crunch

Eva & Ilya

For Eva and Ilya, planning their Powel Crosley Estate wedding in five weeks all came down to one thing – hiring the right wedding planner. The couple chose experience planner Laura Snow of Milan Catering & Event Design to make their dream wedding come true.

“The most important thing that a couple can do especially when planning a short timeframe wedding is to hire a wedding planner,” Laura explains. “We can help expedite many aspects of the planning, and also have great connections with the vendor community.” Hiring an experienced planner with lots of connections to the local wedding planning community is important when you need things to happen in the matter of weeks.

The key takeaway here? “A shortly planned wedding can be just as beautiful, just as memorable, and just as fun as a longer planned wedding,” Laura says. “Eva and Ilya’s love was so evident that the wedding was filled with joy & laughter.  And you would have never known we pulled it off in five short weeks!”

Planning Your Wedding on a Time Crunch