Rolling Through the Bradenton Area

With so much natural and created beauty unique to the Bradenton Area, you’ll need a means of transportation to explore as much as possible. While traveling by foot is essential, especially when hiking the pristine nature trails, you may want to hop on two wheels (or three—or four!) to see as many sights as possible. From segways to trikes, tandem bikes to scooters and golf carts, you’ll find that rolling on wheels is the perfect way explore this tropical paradise.

Rolling Through the Bradenton Area

On Two Wheels… or Four!

One of the first things you’ll notice after arriving to Anna Maria Island is the abundance of bicycles. You may also notice that the pace of ‘island life’ is a bit more laid back, which lends itself to a leisurely cycle ride. Since most of us don’t travel with our bikes, you’ll want to visit one of the many rental outposts, like Beach Bums. You’ll find all of your multimodal needs met here, including other beach necessities. If you have a larger group, you’ll definitely want to rent a Surrey—a unique bike that seats four. Don your safety gear and set off on your two-wheeled (or four-wheeled!) adventure of Pine Avenue and the greater Anna Maria area on the local bike lanes.

Rolling Through the Bradenton Area

Segways By The Sea & Bay

If motorized transportation is more your speed, check out Zegway by the Bay, which offers guided tours of Anna Maria Island on Segways. Chances are you’ve already seen these self-balancing, electric-powered transportation devices in person. Since they use the same space as a pedestrian, you can typically ride wherever a person can walk. After a brief training, you’ll wear a sanitized helmet (or you can bring your own!) and roll along with your small group as an experienced guide shares the history of the island. You’ll experience the sights and sounds exclusive to Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key, including breathtaking views of the local beaches. Bring your phone or camera, you’re definitely going to want to Instagram your ‘seg’ excursion! 

Rolling Through the Bradenton Area

Trolley Time

The last thing you’ll want to worry about on your vacation is parking, which is why you’ll want to board the Anna Maria Island Trolley. Hop on and off as many times as you’d like—this transit system has stops along the length of the island, and it is completely FREE! You’ll find round-trip service stretching the entire length of island: from the Anna Maria City Pier to Coquina Beach (and over 35 stops in between). If you’re an early bird, you’ll be delighted to know that service starts at 6 a.m. For the night owls, trolleys run well after sunset, until 10:30 p.m. Each air-conditioned trolley has bike racks, ample windows and seating, and are in service every day of the week. Download the myStop Mobile app for times and routes (or grab a trolley map when you board) and sit back and let the driver take you to your next destination. 

Rolling Through the Bradenton Area

Golf Carts and… Mambas?

If you’re not into pedaling, consider a street-legal golf cart or the stylish, three-wheeled mamba from one of the many island rental companies, including The Toy Barn. These open-air, electric carts will allow you to quietly travel the entire length of the island while enjoying the refreshing afternoon sea breeze. With premium carts that accommodate up to six people, you’re definitely going to have room for the entire family. With so many local shops, boutiques, and beach accesses to discover, these electric carts are one of the best ways to explore the entire seven-mile stretch of Anna Maria Island. If you’re an automotive fan, be sure to take the three-wheeled mamba out for a spin. This stylish, two-seater roadster is sure to delight any gearhead!

More To Explore

Whether rolling along on two, three, or four wheels, you’re sure to find the mode of transportation that suits your stay on Anna Maria Island. If you’re the nautical type, there are many boat rental outfits ready to cast you off onto an open-water adventure.