Six Spectacular Places to Get Married in the Bradenton Area

In the Bradenton Area, romance is in the air. Not to mention, on the beach, among the orange groves, inside a lush botanical preserve, and everywhere over the grounds of a gleaming golden-age Mediterranean-style estate. Well, you get the idea… People in love just love to get married in the Bradenton Area. From elegant and organized to offbeat and eclectic—there are no bad places here to tie the knot. To give you a little taste, we’ve picked six of our favorite sites to give you a range of unforgettable options where you can profess your love in paradise.

Six Spectacular Places to Get Married in the Bradenton Area

Palmetto Riverside Bed & Breakfast

For a homey, more intimate atmosphere, it’s no surprise why people choose a bed and breakfast for their wedding venue. And the spectacularly beautiful Palmetto Riverside Bed & Breakfast is no exception. Built in 1913 and listed on the “National Register of Historic Places, this magnificent home right on the waterfront blends classic charm with sophisticated modern finishes—including modern electrical and a professionally equipped kitchen. And the best part? You don’t even have to leave the grounds for your honeymoon. Just book yourself into one of six luxurious guestrooms and let the romance continue.

Six Spectacular Places to Get Married in the Bradenton Area

Gulf Drive Café

Anna Maria island is a place that draws natives and visitors alike to witness one of the most spectacular sunset views anywhere. This amazing panorama also makes Gulf Drive Café one of the ultimate beachfront wedding destinations.

“Our venue is very non-traditional as it being a large open aired tiki hut. I find that a lot of weddings being planned and coordinated are going towards the ‘non-traditional’ values of what a wedding would be like 10-20 years ago,” says Stefanie Lawrence, a planner on the Sunset Weddings Event Team. “If you enjoy the beach atmosphere there is no better place than to say, ‘I Do’ with your toes in the sand and rings on your hand.”

Overlooking sugar-white sand and the Gulf of Mexico’s turquoise-emerald waters, it’s no surprise that tying the knot at the end of a romantic sandy walkway of multi-colored rose petals is one of their most sought-after features.

Six Spectacular Places to Get Married in the Bradenton Area

The Powel Crosley Estate

From the moment you set foot on the property, the historic Powel Crosley Estate takes your breath away. It’s almost as if Seagate (as it was originally named) was built for romance. That’s because it was.

American inventor, industrialist and entrepreneur Powel Crosley Jr. constructed the two-and-a-half story, 21-room mansion for his wife Gwendolyn in 1929. 

“Imagine your event amid the grandeur of a bygone era,” says Anna Pohl, the General Manager of the Powel Crosley. “You and your guest will walk in the footsteps of the titans of America’s Roaring 20s,” she continues. “The Crosley radiates a historic enchantment that brings magic to each event, with breathtaking views and romantic charm you can create picturesque memories of a lifetime.”

Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982, the Powel Crosley Estate provides a fairytale backdrop, where every bride gets to be a princess, every groom, Prince Charming, and “happily ever after” really does come true.

Palma Sola Botanical Park

Set your celebration in your own, private garden oasis. Palma Sola Botanical Park—a 10-acre paradise filled with exotic palms, flowering rarities and sub-tropical fruit and nut trees—provides an inspired tropical setting to share your love with friends and family. Among the breathtaking beauty of the botanical foliage are multiple indoor and outdoor venues, including a Lotus pond, a gazebo on a lawn of bright green, the dazzling Galleria Building or a combination of all three. No matter if you’re planning a small, charming garden weddings or a grand affair under the stars, Palma Sola Botanical Park offers a blend of glamour and ease few venues can match.

Six Spectacular Places to Get Married in the Bradenton Area

Mixon Fruit Farms

Mixon Fruit Farms really does have it all: a tour of lush orange groves on the Orange Blossom Express, a play-place and maze for kids, and even a wild-animal refuge. But it’s The Pavilion at Mixon Farms where love blossoms for couples from all over the world. With two distinct venues to choose from—either The Pavilion & Garden Oasis Gazebo or the Mixon Farmhouse Inn—couples can infuse vintage charm with a Southern twist to their dream day.

Six Spectacular Places to Get Married in the Bradenton Area

Zota Beach Resort

Longboat Key is synonymous with luxury. But even among the beauty and prestige of this exclusive enclave, the stunning Zota Beach Resort stands out. Overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, this boutique-style resort offers couples a modern and stylish backdrop for your special day.

“Our contemporary cool resort offers an array of ceremony and reception locations for brides and grooms including the white sand beach and Zara Zota Ballroom,” says Roy Padgett, the general manager. “We also have Wedding Specialists on-hand who can offer guidance on everything from flowers to entertainment.”