Staycation: What You’re Missing On Anna Maria Island

We’re lucky enough to live where others choose to vacation, so why not take the trouble out of traveling and enjoy a well-deserved staycation? Our hometown boasts stunning sunsets, amazing adventures, and family-friendly activities that suit nearly everyone. Unplug and unwind with us for an authentic Florida getaway as we take a one-of-a-kind staycation—Anna Maria Island style!

Staycation: What You’re Missing On AMI

So Close, Yet Feel Miles Away

Sure, Anna Maria Island is only a quick drive over the bridge, but once you step foot on the sandy shore and gaze out over the aqua-colored Gulf of Mexico, you’ll feel as if you’ve traveled thousands of miles from home. The light breeze makes the palm trees appear a little more graceful and the sound of the waves lapping at the shore seem to melt away the noise of everyday life. Park your car and embrace the island lifestyle by walking or biking, or hopping on the free island trolley.

Staycation: What You’re Missing On AMI

Vacation Rentals

Separating Anna Maria Island from other barrier islands is the abundance of vacation rentals. You’ll find no towering condominiums here, but a variety of unique places to call “home” for the next few days. From modern, multi-story houses to beachfront bungalows and charming cottages, you’ll find all of the necessities—and maybe a little more. These furnished residences typically boast complete kitchens, multiple bedrooms, and inviting living spaces. Many will have a porch to lounge on, an observation terrace, or a tropical pool to play in. With all of these luxuries, you may never want to leave your new home away from home! 

Staycation: What You’re Missing On AMI

Restaurants And Food

You’ll find an array of locally-owned restaurants and take-out options available along the entire stretch of the island. Part of the charm is the variety of eats that never seem end, from hot-off-the-iron waffles to Mission-inspired tacos, fresh seafood to sweet treats, you’re sure to tantalize your taste buds with the flavors of paradise. Don’t worry if you’re an at-home culinary whiz, there’s a full grocery store here, too.

Staycation: What You’re Missing On AMI

Your Local Paradise

When was the last time you explored your hometown through the eyes of a visitor? You’ll probably be surprised at how much excitement that is available in your “back yard.” Whether you’re looking for some laid-back lounging or adrenaline-pumping water sports, the Bradenton Area is perfect for your next family or couple’s staycation.