AMI Privateers 4th of July Parade

AMI Privateers on their pirate ship, the Skullywag

Coquina Beach

Bradenton Beach FL, 24217

Event Date

Jul 4, 2024

10:00 am - 12:30 pm

It be 4th of July parade time, mateys!! Parade route is Coquina Beach to Anna Maria City Pier!! Step off time is at 10am!! This parade involves the use of water by most participants, so ye may get wet!! Important!! Please do not throw water balloons or use high pressured water nozzles or guns on any parade participants!! This be a fun event n’ wish fer e’eryone to be mindful by keepin’ arr participants, parade spectators, n’ arrr beautiful Island n’ it’s wild life safe!! So come one, come all, to one of the best and longest parades you’ll ever be a part of!!! We be pirates fer kids & community!!!