Through the Bradenton Area Film Office, permitting is made easy, giving you a one-stop contact for your local permitting needs.

We’re Here to Help

Simply fill out the area’s Permit Application and email/fax it with a certificate of insurance. It will help clear the way to permitting throughout the County and the various towns in the area. Please allow at least 3 business days after the receipt of your completed application and COI to obtain approval to film; allow 7–21 business days if your shoot involves pyrotechnics or stunts, or if you require street closures or traffic control.

Steps to Complete Your Permit

Here are the basic steps to get a speedy turnaround of your film permit:

  1. Complete the appropriate Film Permit Application(s) for the town/venue where you will be filming. Be specific and include exact locations, film dates and times.
  2. Provide separate Certificate(s) of Insurance (COI) for each municipality in which you will be filming and be sure to name each as “Added Insured”. Sample of Certificate of Liability Insurance
  3. Send application and COIs to Leanne.Keeling@BACVB.com 
  4. Staff will review the documents for details, call with questions and/or submit your Permit Application to the proper authorities for approval.
  5. We require up to 3 days for approval; however, if there are special circumstances, please allow up to 21 days.
  6. The Bradenton Area Film Office does not charge a fee for a Film Permit; however, some municipalities/venues do charge a daily film fee. The Film Office will inform the applicant of the film fees before approval process begins.

Film Permit Application: This is the application to complete if filming in Bradenton, Holmes Beach, Bradenton Beach, and Anna Maria Island.

Need help coordinating with other areas in the region or with the State? The Flim Office can offer the help you need, make the contacts, and streamline the process.

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