Chateau 13 Restaurant & Wine Bar

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Phone: (941) 226.0110

535 13TH ST W

Château is a French word that literally means "castle." But when we were thinking of the various châteaux throughout Western Europe (also called "castellos" in Italy or "castillos" in Spain), two words came to our minds—"home" and "wine." We couldn't imagine two better or more applicable words for the name of our restaurant and wine bar. Taking inspiration from the legendary and welcoming culinary hospitality found throughout France, Italy, Spain and Belgium, we wanted a name that let our guests know we are different... From everyone else, from everything else. We wanted a name that invites you to try something with worldly flair. Something that will take your palate deliciously beyond the norm... Somewhere with European style and nuances but also somewhere where you feel a true sense of hospitality. Even if you've never heard of the dish before or aren't sure how to pronounce one of the ingredients, try it. We promise you'll love the experience. 13... Not only because we're on 13th Street West in Downtown Bradenton, but also because—for our founding team—13 has always been a lucky number. ​ Cheers!