Movie Makers Taking Notice of the Sunshine State

Movie Makers Taking Notice of the Sunshine State

PARRISH, Fla. – Hollywood movie makers are taking notice of the Sunshine State. Fourteen major movies were filmed in Florida in 2012. Some of the most noticeable titles include “Iron Man 3” and “Spring Breakers.”

Local TV and film makers are also making a mark in Florida. Les McDowell is filming his cable/internet series called “Dry Creek” on his property. His land in Parrish looks like a country town from the late 1800’s. The town is equipped with staples like a saloon, general store and church.

“It’s pretty much a replica of what old Florida would really be like way before Disney. It’s a lot like Little House on the Prairie, you take the Waltons and you take Mayberry and you mix them all up in a pot and that’s Dry Creek,” said McDowell.

McDowell created the fictional town after being laid off from his job in 2009.

“I got to the point where I wanted to reinvent myself,” said McDowell.

Hundreds of local actors and crew members help make Dry Creek a reality.

Check out the 1800’s town here on The List Sho

An independent film maker is also utilizing Dry Creek, but for something a little different. Christian Schwier and his crew at Litewave Media are making the Sci-Fi film “The Skyship Chronicles.” Part of the movie is being filmed in Parrish.

“We’ve got a story about a young girl who has escaped from an evil villain inventor, and then we fast-forward to the future,” said Schwier.

The movie should be available for the public in April.