Premier Sports Campus

Facilities & Services

Located within the Bradenton Area community of Lakewood Ranch, the Premier Sports Campus features 140 acres of pristine fields perfect for hosting everything from tournaments and practices to outdoor festivals and movie nights. Facilities include on-site concession stands, lighted fields, stadium seating, a training room and more.



We open our on-site concessions stand for every event. Remote concession stands are also available depending on the size of the event.  Full service catering also available upon request.


Our campus is comprised of 23 full-sized fields, eight of which have lights for night games and a 3,000+ seat stadium.

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Field, turf & maintenance

All of our fields are sodded with Celebration turf, which is best known for its wear tolerance, injury recovery and drought resistance. We keep every acre of the campus in pristine condition through regular watering and mowing, as well as any needed maintenance.

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Sports Programs

Amateur, collegiate, professional and national leagues all call our fields home.

Tournaments & Training

Our campus is available for tournaments and weekly practices.  International, national, state and regional events have all taken place on our fields.

Sports Camps

We can host instructional camps and clinics year-round.


  • Can we bring our dog to Premier Sports Campus?
    • We love dogs!  Premier Sports Campus allows Service Animals as defined by the ADA, in which an animal is trained to perform  a specific task for the benefit of the person with a disability.  If the dog is an Emotional Support Animal, the County will soon have an application process for prior approval of the animal and then a certificate will need to be presented onsite.  All other pets are not allowed at the campus.
  • Can we park an RV at Premier Sports Campus?
    • RVs are allowed to park onsite only during our operating hours.  Times and days we are open is dependent upon the current tournament schedule. 
  • Can we park overnight?
    • Our facility gates are locked at the close of each day, so there is no parking on the premises once the gates are locked and no overnight parking allowed.
  • Can we bring alcohol?
    • Alcohol is not allowed at Premier Sports Campus except on rare and prior approved occasions.  Then the event organizer may only utilize an approved licensed alcohol service company. 
  • Can we tailgate?
    • Tailgating is not allowed.  Grills are not allowed on the property.  We have concessions available onsite.  


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