Bradenton Area Sports

It is the intent of Bradenton Area Sports (BAS) Sponsorship Program to facilitate and foster the growth of sporting events in Manatee County and increase visitor travel, hotel stays, traffic to restaurants and other attractions in Manatee County which will generate both out-of-county and out-of-state economic impact.

Sports Event Sponsorship Program

Bradenton Area Sports has created the Sports Event Sponsorship Program to assist event organizers with funding towards their event in Manatee County. Events will be awarded funding through an online software administered by the BAS staff. There is an application and post event process. Please complete the application and submit to the BAS. If approved you will receive an approval email outlining all requirements. Each funded event will be required to submit a post report, with backup documentation, within 30 days of the event in order receive funding. Below are requirements and backup documentation for funding.

All sporting organizations and events are eligible and will be evaluated based upon the following requirements and backup documentation:

  • Event collateral showing Bradenton Area Sports logo AND URL. (Flyers, banners, signs, e-blast, website, etc)
  • Completed Hotel Information Form or Housing Bureau Documentations
  • Copy of event photos or action photos during the course of play
  • Proof of participant involvement (Schedules, rosters, etc)
  • Proof of spectator involvement (Picture of crowd, ticket sales, etc)
  • Copy of paid invoice

Apply for a sponsorship.