7 Outdoor Adventures You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Every day can’t be a beach day. While our no-stress, no-filter beaches are the perfect escape, there’s more outside of our seven miles of coastline. Here are seven must-experience outdoor adventures – away from the beach – to enhance your time in the Bradenton Area!

7 Outdoor Adventures You Won't Find Anywhere Else

1. Rent a Replica Cabin at Jiggs Landing

Jiggs Landing, a wildlife refuge on Wards Lake, pulls you into the past where fishing, birding, and boating were common activities to take part in. This historical landmark started in 1944 as a fish camp and has continued the look, feel and traditions of 75-plus years ago. Try a guided boat tour or make some solo memories by kayak. There’s live music at sunset and rentable replica cabins that mimic the original look of the camp.

7 Outdoor Adventures You Won't Find Anywhere Else

2. Explore the Bradenton Riverwalk

Move over Gulf of Mexico! Trade sand for stone and check out the Manatee River via downtown Bradenton’s showpiece, the Riverwalk. Explore new heights, making your way up the ADA-accessible observation tower overlooking the river. The 1.5-mile path is great exercise and filled with varied attractions like the Mosaic Amphitheater, a skate park, beach volleyball, a fishing pier and a playground/splash park for kids, and kids at heart.

7 Outdoor Adventures You Won't Find Anywhere Else

3. Visit a Florida Vineyard

Find the perfect wine pairing to match your vacation at one of our local vineyards.

Sustainable and eco-friendly travelers will want to raise a glass at Bunker Hill Vineyard and Winery. Every Bunker Hill wine bottle is recycled, earning them the distinction of “The Greenest Winery in America.” Open since 2009, Bunker Hill now has a selection of more than 40 varieties of wholly unfiltered natural fruit and wine products.

Fiorelli Winery sits on 7.5 acres of lush land where they encourage visitors to sample grapes straight off the vine! Bring your favorite four-legged friend and grab a glass, enjoying the stunning natural surrounding of the vineyard.! Open since 1998, Fiorelli carries nine varieties of wine and even has some dining options on-site.

7 Outdoor Adventures You Won't Find Anywhere Else

4. Go Primitive Camping at Rye Preserve

Glamping it’s not. The Rye Preserve is a big slice of nature sure to nourish your taste for the outdoors. This 145-acre area on the Manatee River is home to a piece of the Bradenton Area’s early pioneer history, dating back to the late 1880s. Try primitive camping, fully immersing yourself in one of four distinctive ecosystems. Observe unique neighbors like the gopher tortoise and the Indigo snake, two of several threatened animal species that call the Rye Preserve home.

7 Outdoor Adventures You Won't Find Anywhere Else

5. Swing Through the Treetops at TreeUmph!

Zip back to the carefree days of tree climbing and swinging from branches at TreeUmph! Adventure Course. From heights of up to 60 feet off the ground, your feet won’t miss the cresting waves and sugar-soft sand as you safely breeze on your aerial adventure over more than 10 football fields of space. Allow your imagination soar as you play in the trees.

7 Outdoor Adventures You Won't Find Anywhere Else

6. Hang Ten on a Horse

This horseback “sea-fari” is a great way to check out marine wildlife! The majority of these horses are rescues who are doing swimmingly well these days. So, if it feels like the horses are walking on air, it’s with good reason. They’re actually swimming in the water! These sea-faring equines will “wet” your appetite for aquatic adventure.

7 Outdoor Adventures You Won't Find Anywhere Else

7. Try a Nature Tour

Enjoy all that is wild, wet, and wonderful about Florida with Around the Bend Nature Tours. Professional guides provide tours and educational field trips that allow the whole family to get down and dirty with local marine life. Their dip-netting adventures and ecological programs are available at several outdoor attractions like Emerson Point Preserver and DeSoto National Memorial.

7 Outdoor Adventures You Won't Find Anywhere Else

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