Outdoor Activities

Back to Angola

Feb 14, 2024 / madden

Rediscovering Roots and Celebrating Culture The Back To Angola Festival is more than just an annual celebration—it's a journey intorediscovering the rich history of the Angolan maroon community that once resided at ManateeMineral Springs. https://youtu.be/eim_35Bw9Es During Spanish control of Florida, the territory served as a sanctuary for people escaping British and American slavery. More

Act Like A Kid

Nov 28, 2023 / MM Designers

Discover big-time fun at these kid-friendly spots by Stephen Kubiak Known for its beautiful sandy beaches and laid-back atmosphere, the Bradenton Area makes for a perfect destination for families. Its kid-friendly attractions, which spark a sense of adventure and wonder, are sure to have your kids clamoring for a return visit. More

Well Preserved

/ madden

Discover the Bradenton Area's Natural Wonders by Jeremy Piper There are more than a dozen nature preserves to be found across the Bradenton Area, each reflecting the diversity of the destination. Some encompass hundreds of acres and multiple ecosystems, while others are smaller and highlight specific wildlife. More

Paddleboarding 101

Oct 26, 2023 / MM Accounts

Imagine gliding gently across the water, passing peacefully through magnificent mangrove tunnels, revealing rarely seen shorelines and animals found only in the Bradenton Area. You’ve just pictured stand-up paddleboarding, locally referred to as “paddle boarding” or “SUP”. More

Bonding with the Boys

Aug 16, 2022 / MM Accounts

Bonding with the Boys Whether it’s a lowkey bachelor party before your best friend’s wedding, a family-free summertime getaway, or a spontaneous road trip with your best buds from college, one thing’s for sure: It’s time to round up the guys and head to the beach for a few unforgettable days and nights in the sun and sand. A quick trip to the Bradenton Area and your best pals is all it’ll take to create a trip you’ll be reliving for years! More