Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch

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2213 Avenue B
Bradenton Beach 34217, Fl

A non-profit organization striving for a suitable habitat for sea turtles and shorebirds, people and the eco-system of the island and it surrounding waters. Turtle Talks every Tuesday at 10 am at Annie Silver Community Center 103-23rd St Bradenton Beach. Join the staff that monitors your sea turtle and shorebird nesting beaches for a fun and informative presentation about the nesting on Anna Maria Island. They have many free handouts.

For 33 years Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch has coordinated conservation efforts for 12 miles of Manatee County shoreline. In almost three decades, we monitored 8539 turtle activities, protected 4041 nests, 291,694 turtle eggs, and watched 259,443 hatchlings depart to become a future generation of Loggerheads that will return to the region as they reach maturity — in about 30 years.

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