Exploring the Bradenton Area Wilderness

There’s more to the great outdoors of the Bradenton Area than beaches. From the natural wildlife to the breathtaking preserves, get in touch with the best wilderness spots in the Bradenton Area.

Day 1- Kayaking

Start your day bright and early at Robinson Preserve. Rent a kayak and get into the thick of the mangroves and marshes. It’s the best way to get an up-close look at roseate spoonbills, wood storks, white pelicans and other native birds. 


Day 1 - Lunch

Swing by Riverhouse Reef & Grill in Palmetto for a fresh fish sandwich or a hearty salad. Be sure to sit outside so you can watch the marine wildlife swim by in the Manatee River.

Day 1 - Natural History Museum

It’s time to learn more about the area’s unique wildlife. And the best place for that is the The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature, the largest natural and cultural museum on Florida’s West Coast. Take an hour to get a better understanding of all of the Bradenton Area wildlife before your next day of wild sights and sounds.


Day 2 - Bird Watching

The first stop on the second day of your wilderness adventure is a bird-watcher’s dream: Felts Audubon Preserve. Show up plenty early to spot native birds like anhinga, blue heron and painted bunting. If you’re lucky, you might even see one of the more rare species, like barred owl or redheaded woodpecker.

Day 2 - Trails

After a morning behind the binoculars, it’s time to hit the trails at Emerson Point Preserve. It’s one of the most naturally beautiful places in the Bradenton Area with 365 acres to explore. See osprey nests up close. Climb to the top of the observation tower for the best views. And learn all about Southwest Florida’s largest Native American temple mound, Portavant Mound.

Day 2 - Outdoor Hideaway

Your final expedition is at Jigg’s Landing. This quaint spot sits on the edge of Ward Lake and is one of the area’s oldest outdoor hideaways. It’s best explored by boat or canoe and makes for a nice spot to wind down a day of adventure. Just don’t forget your fishing pole – Jigg’s Landing is one of the best fishing spots in the area. 

Day 2 - RVing

Wrap up each day in the wilderness by setting up camp at one of the many Bradenton Area campgrounds or RV parks like Winterset RV Resort. After all, it’s only right to end the perfect day in the great outdoors by sleeping under the stars.