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Your Invitation to Love It Like a Local.

Beautiful island beaches, quaint villages, fresh Florida seafood, endless sunny days and more make the Bradenton Area one of America’s favorite vacation spots. But no one loves the destination more than those who call it home, for whom sustainability, preservation and respect are a way of life – just like flip flops and beach hair!

Before your next trip, take a moment to learn how you, too, can #LoveItLikeaLocal, visit the Bradenton Area responsibly and protect this paradise for years to come.

Quick Tips

Pick up. Clean up. – When visiting the beach, be sure to leave it clean and litter free. The shorebirds would thank you, if they could talk.

Keep it out of the water – Never throw trash, food, fishing line or other items into area waterways. Fish and turtles prefer clean homes, just like us!

Use eco-friendly transportationOpt for free beach trolleys, electric golf carts, bikes and more while you’re here and give your car a vacation, too!

Save the ocean. Use lotion. – Aerosol sunscreens release airborne chemicals into the environment. Be sure to use liquids instead and look for biodegradable ingredients!

Slow down to Island Time – You’re on vacation. So why speed? Watch for local speed limits and be sure to follow them.

Know the lay of land – Several parks and preserves are off limits or restricted. Be sure to only visit where permitted.

Respect the locals – It may seem like one, big paradise; but parking on lawns, in other’s driveways, or walking across yards are no no’s.

Be a good neighbor – Whether at your rental, hotel or on the beach, keep the noise in check and avoid blaring music or other behavior that may annoy others.

Keep the noise to a minimum. – Our communities have a nightly noise ordinance beginning at 10 p.m. So be sure to bring the party inside and keep your voices low for those who aren’t on vacation.

Do your part – When you’re on vacation, remember to relax, recharge, but also recycle!

Shop local – Shopping local = supporting Bradenton Area businesses, which funds projects that keep our destination beautiful.

Keep your distance from wildlife – Our local wildlife love their personal space, so always maintain a safe distance.

Choose to reuse – Pass on plastic and pick reusable bags, straws, water bottles and utensils

Protect the plantlife – Mangroves, sea oats and seagrass are an important part of our ecosystem, so please don’t pick our plants for mom!

Remember the turtles – Be sure you keep your lights dimmed at night from May-October so our turtle hatchlings do not confuse your dinner party for the ocean!

Drive Dutifully – In the #BradentonArea golf carts are the way to go. Be sure to follow all driving rules and keep all unlicensed minors buckled in safely, but never behind the wheel!

Be a good boater – Manatees are slow movers, so remember to cruise carefully, respect no wake zones and all signs while on the water.

Keep wildlife off the line – Gone fishing? When it’s time to reel it in, please cut and properly dispose of your fishing line to keep birds and other marine life from getting caught in it.

Video Tutorials

Check out our videos to learn more ways to #LoveItLikeaLocal from a true expert!

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Kids Stuff!

Start ‘em young! Even little ones can learn to Love It Like a Local! Teach your children all about Bradenton Area wildlife, beaches and visiting the right way.